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Character Education | Kids Academy New York

Character Education

Brooklyn&Staten Island-Seerah Fair

This year, Brooklyn Kids Academy and Staten Island Kids Academy joined for another annual Seerah Fair competition. Our students from kindergarten to 8th grade all came forth with such wonderful projects depicting stories related to the life of the blessed prophet Muhammad (pbuh). These amazing projects were visited by judges who analyzed the stories of ...

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Queens-Let’s Blast Off

School should be a place our student love! “Little Astronauts” is a class theme designed to encourage students to participate in class and motivate them to do their homework. We entertainingly use space theme activities and materials to explore new topics with our Kids Academy NY Little Astronauts.

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Queens-Sharing session

As children are excellent observers and learners, they need opportunities to learn about and practice sharing. We arranged a sharing session for our students. They visited our neighbors and shared the special Noah’s pudding. It was an enjoyable and exciting experience for our little students.  

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Brooklyn-Character Education

In Brooklyn Kids Academy NY’s classes, we strive to provide children with a knowledgeable and a kind outlook on the world around them. The class exposes them to values and ethics at a young age. Our goal for our students is for them to become appreciative of not only what they have, but of everyone and ...

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Queens Acting In-Class Activity

In our character education class, our students learned by acting. Through fun performances, our students truly captured the essence of the topics which also improved their ability to collaborate with others and to work as a team.  

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