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Brooklyn&Staten Island-Seerah Fair | Kids Academy New York


Brooklyn&Staten Island-Seerah Fair

This year, Brooklyn Kids Academy and Staten Island Kids Academy joined for another annual Seerah Fair competition. Our students from kindergarten to 8th grade all came forth with such wonderful projects depicting stories related to the life of the blessed prophet Muhammad (pbuh). These amazing projects were visited by judges who analyzed the stories of the projects that each child explained. The students waited patiently for their turn to impress the judges by displaying their knowledge and effort they put into their projects. 
Like all of our Seerah Fair programs, the top 5 presentations of each category received prizes. However, this year a handful of our students also decided to put on an extra show for the audience members. We had two chorus groups sing songs from the Brooklyn Kids Academy and the Staten Island Kids Academy. It is worth mentioning the amazing reenactment skit the Staten Island Kids Academy students performed of the cloud protecting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). 
Thank you for those who joined this year’s Seerah Fair, and took their time to listen to the stories the students had prepared.

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