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Activities | Kids Academy New York




Annual Event

NEICC and tcc annual siyer fair brought together the family and kids of weekend school and after school. The kids presented a project that they created to explain the life of our Prophet Muhammad. Designated judges Viewed and analyzed every single one of the lovely projects. At the end of the presentations our guest speakers spoke about the importance of children and the program. This eventful night was put to an end when all of the participants received medals and special Awards.


Reading Contest

North East Islamic Community Center had the honor of organizing their third reading contest. During this year students had the privilege of studying with dedicated teachers to help Advance their reading and memorization. Between contestants from The Elementary first grade level through first-year high school students, the audience were mesmerized by The Talented students. Contestants from elementary grade level we're also applauded for reading surahs. The program ended with congratulating and rewarding all of the competitors with participation medals.


A Celebration

The closing ceremony of north east islamic community center signifies the end of another year well done. Students of our weekend school program present their improvement throughout the year in various forms: poetry, singing, reciting, etc. Parents and staff members join together at our annual closing ceremony to celebrate the improvement of our students and organization.


Engaging Activity

Kids Academy NY students enjoyed their time at Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex. The engaging games and activities the staff prepared for the kids were wonderous. The students were able to enjoy their Sunday by trying out many new and exciting sports and activities! Of all the various games, the students were able to play Dodgeball, Tarzan ropes, Wall Climbing, and Gymnastics. Although this was our first time at Chelsea Piers, we cannot wait for our next adventure there!